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Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll administration requires a huge administration, staff involvement and it is time consuming process. In the UAE, it is statutory for each company to pay off its employee wages before 15th of every succeeding month and the companies struggles to comply with the deadline due to the lengthy and heavy process.

RELIABLE takes over the payroll burden from its customers and provide payroll outsourcing services such as;

  • Encoding time sheet data
  • Calculating employees’ monthly wages as per time attendance.
  • Prepare and review payroll as per client’s HR policies in compliance with Ministry of Labour (MOL) regulations stipulated to employee right and wages.
  • Uploading the payroll into the wages protection system (WPS) in line with Central bank regulations
  • Vacation Management
  • Prepare employees vacation pay as per Ministry of Labour (MOL) directives stipulated to employee right and wages.
  • Exit Management
  • Prepare end of service benefits for the employees based on the calculations defined by MOL